How to Install and Use g++ in Debian

Some programming files required compilers for handling the source code. There are different compilers available for the C language and g++ or GNU C++ compiler is one of them. g++ is a GNU C++ Compiler that is used for preprocessing and compilation of source code to generate an executable file. The g++ compiler offers various functions straight from the terminal of your Debian. It can compile .c and .cpp files.

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate the installation and usage of g++ in Debian.

How to Install g++ in Debian

The meta package known as build-essential which contains the g++ compiler, libraries, and other utilities for compiling software is present in the default repository of Debian. Update the system before starting the installation procedure through the following command:

Run the following command to install the built-essential on Debian:

sudo apt install build-essential

Verify the successful installation of g++ through the following command:

How to Use g++ in Debian

Using g++ for the compilation of .cpp files is simple. Create a newfile.cpp with the following command:

Add the text in the file, for example, I have added the following code in the text file:


int main()


std::cout<<“Hello this is Linuxhint”;

  return 0;


Save the file by pressing Ctrl + X and run the following command to make it an executable file:

g++ <program-name>.cpp -o <executable-filename>

Note: g++ can also compile C language code.

For example, I am compiling the newfile.cpp into an executable file named newfile:

g++ newfile.cpp -o newfile

The compiler will create the binary file named newfile in the same directory, and run the file via the below-given command:

In my case, the executable file is newfile so the output is Hello this is Linuxhint.

Bottom Line

The g++ converts the .cpp high-level language file into a low-level language file by making it executable. Installation is simple as it is present in the default repository of Debian. In the above guide, we have successfully installed and used g++ on Debian.


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