How to Install Jupyter Notebook on Rocky Linux 9

Jupyter Notebook is one of the best web applications by which you can generate and share documents. The documents of Jupyter Notebook are called Notebooks which can contain live code, visualizations, narrative texts, equitations, etc. This tool has a simple web-based UI that allows you to create, edit, and organize the notebooks accordingly. You can export the notebooks in formats like HTML, slides, and PDF.

Jupyter Notebook offers an interactive computing environment which supports multiple computer languages such as R, Python, Julia, etc. Furthermore, this web application supports the Markdown which provides a convenient approach to writing documentation and explanation. Jupyter Notebook has become popular among researchers, scientists, and professionals because of its immense versatility and ability to create essential documents. Let’s look at the simple methods to install the Jupyter Notebook on Rocky Linux 9.

How to Install the Jupyter Notebook on Rocky Linux 9

This section has the complete method to install and configure the Jupyter Notebook on Rocky Linux 9. First, install the Python-pip3 in the system through the following command:

sudo dnf install python3-pip

After installing the Python Pip utility, it is time to install Jupyter using the following command:

sudo pip3 install jupyter

Once you are done, run the following command to create a configuration file, Jupyter Notebook:

jupyter notebook –generate-config

You can now set a login password for Jupyter. Run the following command:

jupyter notebook password

After running the previous command, the terminal will ask you to enter and confirm the new password:

Finally, run the following command to the Jupyter Notebook on the web server. By default, Jupyter runs on the localhost and Port 8888:

Here, enter the password that you set in the previous process to access the Jupyter dashboard.

Now, click on “New” to open a new file (Python or text file).


This is how you can easily install and setup a Jupyter Notebook on Rocky Linux 9. We also explained how to use Jupyter and access its web portal. If you are facing issues during the installation, check the Python version and install the latest one according to the requirement.


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