How to Pin a Tweet at X (Twitter) on Android?

X (Twitter) is a social media platform where anyone can share their opinion, thoughts as well as bloggers and businessmen use it for online marketing by attracting an audience with ideas and products. X (Twitter) introduces multiple features to facilitate users and pinning a tweet at the top of the user’s profile is one of them that helps users to highlight essential information or important messages.

This guide will talk about

What are the Advantages of Pining Tweet to a Profile?

There are multiple advantages to pinning a tweet to your profile, such as:

  • To get the immense visibility of your timeline.
  • To get the attention of everyone who visits your timeline.
  • To promote a product or alert a special offer or blog.

What is the Easiest Way for Pining a Tweet on Android?

Follow the below-provided procedure to pin a tweet at X (Twitter) on Android.

Step 1: Launch X (Twitter)

First of all, tap on the “X (Twitter)” icon and launch the application:

Step 2: Access Profile

Now, tap on the profile icon and select the “Profile” option from the left-side menu:

Step 3: Pin Tweet on X (Twitter)

Afterward, from your profile, tap on the “three-dots” beside the desired tweet/post and choose the “Pin” option:

As a result, your selected tweet will be pinned successfully.

How to Unpin Tweet on Android?

If you want to unpin the Tweet at X (Twitter) on Android, then, tap on the “three-dots” at the top right side of the pinned tweet and select the “Unpin from profile” option from the pop-up menu. As follows:

Then, confirm the action by tapping on the “Unpin” option:

That’s all! We have compiled the easiest way to pin a tweet at X (Twitter) on Android.


To pin a tweet at X (Twitter) on Android, first of all, launch the “X (Twitter)” application and navigate to your profile. Then, select the desired tweet that you want to pin and tap on the “three-dots” icon. Next, select the option to pin the tweet. This guide demonstrated the way to pin a tweet at X (Twitter) on Android.


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