How to View Your Stats on Spotify?

Forgetting about things is a part of human nature. Likewise, forgetting about the songs is a normal thing that has been noticed countless times. But modern musical software doesn’t let their users forget songs.

As regular Spotify users, we listen to different types of songs on a daily basis. Luckily, it keeps a track record of every activity of the user account including previous, most played songs, favorite artists, and genres. You can view your Spotify stats and analyze your activities.

The purpose of this guide is to write the possible methods to view your Spotify stats.

Quick Outline:

  • How to View Your Stats on Spotify Desktop/Mac?
  • How to Obscurify Your Songs on Spotify?
  • Wrapping Up
  • How to View Your Stats on Spotify Android/IOS?

    To view your stats on Spotify, there are multiple methods you can utilize. You can view stats in the Spotify app and in different third-party websites. Let’s discuss these methods one by one.

    Method 1: View Your Stats From Spotify App

    The quickest way to view your Spotify stats is from the Spotify app. To do this, accomplish the given instructions.

    Step 1: Open Spotify App
    Open your Spotify app and tap on the “Profile” icon at the top left corner:

    Step 2: Access Listening History
    A sidebar will be opened, tap on the “Listening history” to open it:

    Step 3: View Your Stats
    By doing the above 2 steps, your Spotify history will be listed including all of your listened-to songs and favorite artists:

    Method 2: View Your Stats From Stats for Spotify Site

    Stats for Spotify is a famous website that shows the track record of Spotify songs, artists, and genres. Simply log in to this site and choose the stat type you want to see. Let’s see this method below.

    Step 1: Go to Stats for Spotify
    Open your browser, go to the Stats for Spotify site, and tap on the “Login with Spotify” button:

    Step 2: Select Stats to View
    Once logged in, just select and tap on the stats type you want to see. Let’s say, we want to see the top tracks:

    Doing above, the top tracks will be listed:

    Method 3: View Your Stats From Site

    Another popular method to view your Spotify stats is from the site. It will also display the top songs, artists, and genres for your account. For a practical demonstration, follow the given steps.

    Step 1: Navigate to Site
    Open your browser, navigate to the site, and sign in with the Spotify account:

    Step 2: Open Spotify Profile
    After signing in, tap on the “Go To Your Profile →” option:

    Step 3: See Artists
    Once the profile is opened, scroll down, and see the artists for your Spotify account:

    Step 4: View Top Songs
    Scroll down more and view the top songs for your Spotify account:

    Method 4: View Your Stats From Site

    Apart from the above methods, you can also use the site to view your Spotify stats. Let’s see this method implementation in the given steps.

    Step 1: Open Site
    Open the website in your browser and log in with the Spotify account by tapping on the “Log in” option:

    Step 2: View Spotify Stats
    Once logged in, it will display Spotify stats for the particular account such as top artists, recently played tracks:

    How to View Your Stats on Spotify Desktop/Mac?

    For Spotify desktop/Mac users, the stats can be seen easily from the home interface of the Spotify app. For the illustration, see the following 2 steps.

    Step 1: Show All Recently Played Songs
    Open your Spotify app, look for the “Recently Played” songs/artists, and click on the “Show all” option:

    Step 2: View Your Stats
    After that, view your Spotify stats such as artists and songs:

    How to Obscurify Your Songs on Spotify?

    If you are more conscious about your music listening and want to obscure Spotify songs, use the Obscurify website. It basically analyzes your song taste and tells the percentage of your favourite music listened to in your country.

    Step 1: Login to Obscurify
    Open the Obscurify site in your browser and log in with your Spotify account:

    Step 2: Open Summary
    After logging in, your music taste will be rated and displayed. Tap on the “Open Summary” option to see the music summary:

    Step 3: View Your Summary
    A music summary record will be displayed:

    That’s all about viewing your stats on Spotify.

    Wrapping Up

    To view the stats on your Spotify account, simply tap on the “Profile” icon and open the “Listening history”. Besides this, you can use third-party sites like Stats for Spotify,, or Apart from that, to obscurify your music taste, utilize the Obscurify website. For detailed knowledge, check out the above guide.


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