How to Edit WhatsApp Messages Once They Are Sent

In today’s era, everyone is addicted to social media apps and WhatsApp is the most frequently used. It permits the user to do text, voice, and video chat with their loved ones, friends, and family members. While doing text chat in WhatsApp, it is noted that typing and sending the wrong messages is the most common mistake and unfortunately, there is no edit feature available. Recently, WhatsApp launched a new feature for editing messages. Now the user can correct the wrong messages sent on WhatsApp.

This post will accommodate the instructions to edit the sent messages on WhatsApp with the following outlines:

Pre-requisite: Requirements to Edit WhatsApp Message

Although WhatsApp launched the editing feature for messages, you must obey certain conditions which are listed below:


Method 1: Edit WhatsApp Messages on Mobile

To edit WhatsApp messages on mobile, consider the following 3 steps.

Step 1: Choose Message

First, open your WhatsApp on your mobile, and choose the message you want to edit:

Step 2: Edit Message

Afterward, tap and hold the particular message, press the “3 dots”, and then choose the “Edit” option:

Step 3: Write Updated Message

The editing mode will be opened for the message, write the updated message, and send it:

Step 4: Check Results

The message will be edited and sent to the user which can be seen:

Method 2: Edit WhatsApp Messages on Desktop

Likewise, you can also edit the WhatsApp messages on the desktop version. To do so, walk through the given instructions.

Step 1: Edit Message

Open your Desktop version of WhatsApp and right-click on the message you want to edit:

Step 2: Update Message

Write the updated message in the chat box, and click the on“Tick” icon to send it:

Step 3: Verify Results

Upon doing so, the message will be edited and sent again:


To edit the sent messages on WhatsApp, choose the particular message, press and hold it, tap the “3 dots” and tap on the “Edit” option. Similarly, you can also edit the WhatsApp sent message by right-clicking and pressing the “Edit” option. Make sure the message is sent within 15 minutes as you won’t see the edit option after that. This write-up has stated the methods to edit WhatsApp messages.


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