How to Filter Out Explicit Songs on Spotify

Spotify is a song platform that provides free and paid music to its users all over the world. Like Videos and movies, Spotify offers filters for explicit songs. Songs that have strong language that is offensive and inappropriate for children are rated under this category. However, Spotify distinguishes such songs with an explicit tag.

Filtering Out Explicit Songs on Spotify

Spotify app is used on Android for listening to music as it covers a wide range of genres, but if you want to filter out the explicit ones then here are some steps for it:

Step 1: Open the Spotify app, and tap on the settings menu, then tap to turn off the Allow Explicit Contents:

Step 2: Now all the explicit songs will be filtered out and if you want to enjoy listening to your favorite songs while being offline. Just tap on the kebab menu icon on the left side of the song and from there tap on the Download button:

Note: The option of turning off the explicit songs on Spotify is only available to premium members, so if you are a free user, then first buy its membership and then apply this filter to your music feed.


Spotify is one of the popular music applications that offer free music but gives some extra features in the premium version like filtering out explicit songs. To filter out the explicit songs on Spotify, just tap on the settings option, and from there tap on the toggle icon to allow explicit content to turn off.


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