How to Temporarily Deactivate Facebook on Android?

In this era, everyone uses social media apps, and Facebook is the most popular platform and emerging one having 3.03 billion/month traffic. More specifically, it has become the norm for every young as well as old generation to spend their leisure time on Facebook.

Sometimes, spending too much time on Facebook is quite irritating and users want a short break to relax their minds and do other activities. For that purpose, the users can temporarily deactivate their Facebook account.

This write-up will illustrate the instructions to temporarily deactivate Facebook.

How to Temporarily Deactivate Facebook on Android?

Deactivating the Facebook account temporarily is not difficult, you just have to perform a few steps. Keep in mind that your Facebook account removes your profile, name, and maybe the posts but you are still visible in your friend’s list. For a practical illustration of deactivating the Facebook account, the following steps are carried out.

Step 1: Open Facebook Account Settings
Open your Facebook account, tap on the “3 lines” icon, and press the “Settings” option under the “Settings & privacy” drop-down to open it:

Step 2: Open Advance Center
Under the “Settings & privacy”, tap on the “See more in Accounts Center” option to explore more settings options:

Step 3: Go to Personal Details
After that, go to the “Personal Details” to open the Account:

Step 4: Access Account Ownership and Control
Next, tap and open the “Access account ownership and control” option:

Step 5: Select Deactivation or Deletion
Select the “Deactivation or deletion” option to continue:

Step 6: Select Account
Select and tap the account to which you want to disable temporarily:

From the next interface, select the temporarily deactivate account option and tap “Continue”:

Step 7: Select Reason
You will be asked to choose the reason for deactivating the Facebook account:

Step 8: Enter Password
Enter the Facebook account password to continue the deletion process:

Step 9: Specify Time Frame
Afterward, select the number of days, you want to deactivate your Facebook account and press the “Continue” button:

Step 10: Deactivate Facebook Account
Lastly, select the messenger option if you still want to use your messenger after deactivating and select “Deactivate my account”:

Upon doing so, the Facebook account will be deactivated.


To temporarily deactivate your Facebook account, open the account settings and deactivate the account under the “Personal Details > Account ownership and control” settings. In this blog, we have provided a detailed implementation of deactivating the Facebook account on Android.


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